Anna van Vleuten Goes From Leading The Race To A Horrible Crash Cycling – Rio 2016

Anna Van Vleuten was leading the race today with about 10km to go when she skidded on a steep descent and smashed head-first into the road and a stone kerb.

The Olympic cycling road course is a brutal course as everyone including the broadcasters discovered yesterday, predicting possible winner before the descent and the final sprint.

On Saturday Italy’s Vincenzo Nibali broke a collar-bone when he crashed on the same descent while leading the men’s race.

Van Vleuten had been motionless and due to lack or radio communication information came later for the Dutch cycling team that Van Vleuten was okay but no details were given and she is in the hospital.

The riders, her team and many including myself are praying for her well-being.

Cycling’s governing body, the International Cycling Union, said she “continues to be under examination” but has “no serious medical problem”.

This is the video of the crash and some of the Tweets.

Warning This Is Not Pleasant To Watch





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