Meet Sydney McLaughlin She Will Have Her 17th Birthday in Rio- Road To Rio – Rio 2016

Sydney McLaughlin is in high school.  She will inspire you. She is in Rio. She will run 400 meter hurdles, and she will celebrate her seventeenth birthday on August 7, two days after opening ceremony in Rio.

My track coach at University used to tell me all life lessons can be learned running hurdles. He taught me that life can throw you a lot of curve balls it’s how you handle them that makes the difference.  Each challenge in life meet it head on, attack it, and overcome that hurdle with grace.

Sydney attacks the hurdles and moves over them with absolute grace.  She becomes the youngest member of the United States track team since 1976.

Sydney’s father, Willie, competed in the 400 meters in the 1984 USA Olympic Track & Field Trials. He reached the semifinal round, but didn’t qualify for the Olympics that year in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, her mother, Mary, was a runner in high school, and her older brother, Taylor, is a hurdler at the University of Michigan.

Watch Sydeny here  and the heats in the women’s 400-meter hurdles begin on August 15th in Rio, and the final is August 18th.





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