Lanni Marchant and Natasha Wodak of Canada Road to Rio begins with Cover Photo by Canadian Babar Khan – Rio 2016


Lanni Marchant and Natasha Wodak are on the road to Rio.  If ever a song appropriately fit what athletes go through to get to the Olympic games then it has to by Lennon–McCartney ‘The Long and Winding Road’ .  Their cover was photographed by Babar Khan, who you will see at work in the David Bowie Film.

Meet Lanni, Natasha and Babar. The road to Rio.

Lanni Marchant,  is a record-holding Canadian long distance runner.

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Natasha Wodak, is a Canadian long-distance runner. She currently holds the national record in 10,000 meters , set in Palo Alto, California in 2015.

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Babar Khan, is a Toronto, Canada based photographer.  Babar gives it his all when working, he is a joy to watch and work with and I have had great time shooting him behind the scene and being in his shoots for the film on fans of the late David Bowie.

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Natasha Wodak and Lanni Marchant


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