Le Tour de France David Bowie, Tina Turner it all happened in Switzerland – “Tonight”

As Tour de France rolled into Bern, Switzerland I ran into someone who looked a lot like David Bowie. Switzerland, I thought, David Bowie had a Chateau here, and then I recalled him telling me how he had picked up the phone and asked EMI Music in London to sign a friend to their label  and she too now is a citizen of Switzerland one of Bowie’s old-time friends Tina Turner.


If you roll with Le Tour de France, sometime you wake-up and wonder where am I.  Switzerland was no such affair.  In Switzerland you saw those red flags with the white plus sign everywhere gone was the flag of France but France was not gone from anyone’s memory “NICE” posters, banners were there to let you know that the Swiss stood in mourning with all those who lost their lives in NICE.   During the Tour de France you see so many faces all smiling, cheering the riders but one face really struck me and that was this man (below) who just reminded me of David Bowie and that brought back a lot of memories of Bowie.

David Bowie look-a-like Bern Le Tour de France


le Château du Signal

Then there was the time David Bowie had lived in Switzerland his home  le Château du Signal which he talked to me about and his great friend Tina Turner who also lives in Switzerland and while born in the USA is now a Swiss citizen.  Needless to say this all made me miss David Bowie a great deal . David would tell me in a very excited child like manner “They asked me to do the poster for the Montreux jazz festival “, and I would tell Bowie how my friend is always invited to the jazz festival as his dad was a great jazz musician. Bowie would later ask me who my friend was and I would tell him Arron Davis his dad was Miles Davis.  So here is the poster David Bowie designed for Montreux (the man loved his art creating it and admiring it).

By: David Bowie


Here is one of my favorite songs, sung by Tina Turner with David Bowie, and on this note Le Tour de France and I say adieu to Switzerland.


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