If David Bowie Was Around He Would Jam With Hill & The Sky Heroes’ In NYC At Bar Nine

Tomorrow night at 8:30pm in New York City at Bar Nine is a rare opportunity to see some exceptional talent, Hill & The Sky Heroes‘. The band is a project of Hill Kourkoutis, award-winning songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and filmmaker. I have already alerted Leonardo DiCaprio, JLo, and Amedeo Turello who is curating the Pirell digital calendar.

Also in New York City at this time is another great Italian photographer filmmaker Sebastiano Vitale to whom I suggested he shoot the band through his adventurous lens.

Hill Kourkoutis was brought to my attention by a very dear friend of mine who loves Canadian talent record producer Tim Thorney.

So I caught up with Hill at the best possible place at a bar over an old fashion cocktail and instantly released why Hill and David Bowie would have connected on both a creative and intellectual level ( even though Bowie liked to say I’m not intellectual I’m just a pop musician).  Hill and the talented musicians with her simply do what they do for the sake of art, they seek no fame, but fame is what they will have.

Now I am the guy who blew off the Rolling Stones in Cuba to jet back to Toronto to see Prince’s Piano & A Microphone gig because I just knew how special.  So I’m giving all of you a heads-up , this is gonna be very special

I am also so excited to have a super talented photographer Sebastiano document the magic that will take place at 8:30pm at Bar Nine.  Go check out the gig.

No more blah, blah, blah, check out some of the YouTube videos just to get you into the mood.

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