CHANEL Does A Catwalk In Cuba! Model Melina Querel Walks The Longest Catwalk Canada

This summer I will be trekking across Canada – travelling coast to coast. This will be a solo walk that will take place for a minimum of three months – Melina Querel

CHANEL is all about adventure.  Coco Chanel lived the adventure. Karl Lagerfeld always takes you for an adventure. Now on this historic day in Cuba for fashion meet a Canadian model who like Lagerfeld is about to take you along on her great adventure, model Melina Querel.

I have – for as long as I can remember – always wanted to leave home and go on an adventure. When I was young, I used to pack a little bundle to the end of a stick, sling it across my shoulder and tell my mother that if one day I disappeared not to worry because I had packed provisions. When I was eighteen, I went to walk the Compostela – a pilgrimage route starting in France in the Camino des Arles and concluding in northern Spain. My passion for this project was born in my youth, nurtured throughout that walk and emboldened by ambitions


Melina Querel, is going to walk the longest catwalk, right across Canada, yes that is one long walk, and you can learn a lot more of Melina’s project and yes go give the girl some support on her UPCOMING PROJECTS. 

The first time I met Melina was backstage at Canada’s Next Top Model Show.  This is a video from that day, which will give you a peek into her great personality, and a few of her Instagram post’s please give her a follow and your support. Model who rocks, that is Melina. Melina Facebook Follow. 



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