Prince The Legend Simply The Greatest From My Road Trips With The King Of Funk

“He was such a legendary,artistic soul to the epitome of that term. He will never be replaced. – Corrine Hiebert

For me everything I do now began with Prince and his Welcome to Canada Tour.  When Prince started his tour in Toronto it was then I began experimenting and trying to get all kind of street people involved.  While I had several chances to see Prince live to be able to see him perform live in my home town after a long absence from Canada for me was one of the greatest highlights.   When I did go see Prince the show was beyond anything I could have imagined the energy of the man, his dance moves his voice and then to really take it over the top he gave eight encores.

The last time I would see Prince, I flew to Toronto from Cuba to let him know he was invited to Cuba to play anytime. Some people would say how can you be in Toronto when the Rolling Stones are playing in Havana.  To me this was very simple, Prince was going to just do something very simple the piano, in my hometown and if ever you are gonna present him with an invite why not in your hometown, after all Prince was doing something new, while the Rolling Stones where gonna do the same old stuff.

It is apparently been made quite clear to me that I made the right choice, as Prince showed the same mastery of the keyboards as he had demonstrated on guitar.  As I watched his second show I came to realize there would be no equal ever, the legend, the king of funk Prince was the man.

Here are some of my videos I was experimenting with during his road trip.

The Pizza everyone else eat that was with Prince except Prince

The girls who became his designers because of this video uploaded that Prince saw. I would have to take everything in this video to Montreal so Prince could check it out. He loved it and made these girls his designers.

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