President Obama wants the internet for everyone Meet singer Devi from Argentina and how Facebook connected her

“I will set big goals for this country as president – some so large that the technology to reach them does not yet exist.””I will recruit new teachers and make new investments in rural schools, we’ll connect all of America to 21st century technology and telecommunications.” – Obama

President Obama has said it over and over, at SXSW, in Cuba to the youth and again in Argentina. We must get everyone into the digital space, not just the schools, but homes, so people can be connected to information, communication, and thus with the power of the internet have a voice, be able to create, grow their business.

How powerful can social media be? powerful,  allowing a singer in Argentina ‘Oceans Away’ to connect to a record producer in Canada and that is what this story is about set against the backdrop of the Obama’s visit to Argentina the first by a President of the United States in twenty years .

My friend Tim Thorney  is one very talented singer, songwriter and record producer and some time ago he introduced me to a singer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Devi . Tim would describe her music as Indian fusion.

As I had been in Cuba covering the historic visit by Obama, I tagged along for the next historic event (why sit on the sidelines), the first by Obama to Argentina.  I reached out to Devi, and she told me she was in Argentina. I asked Devi what role did the internet play in meeting and working with Tim, she told me, a big part.

Let me have Devi tell you in her words the role of the internet and while oceans away internet brings you closer and in this case helped create music.

“We connected through Facebook in 2009 and talked for about a year. Then I traveled to Los Angeles for my holidays and he happened to be there at Alanis’ (Alanis Morissette) place. So we met.  After two or three months I traveled to Toronto to work with him at his studio for his record Villa Freud and as we were finishing the project we wrote two songs and I sang them. We were very happy with the result so after a year I traveled again to Toronto to do ten more songs, that became ‘A Moment of Clarity‘.

‘Oceans Away’ by Devi, seemed just perfect to set the mood of this short visit by the Obama’s to her country.  As Obama said the internet allows us to get closer to each other. This is bit Indian music, voice of Argentina and recorded in Canada with a Canadian.  Follow Devi on Twitter .

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