Virginia Storey song ‘Lost’ is how cuba felt and now endless possibilities with Obama Visit

Put your headset on close your eyes and listen, think of local musicians of Cuba and how they could mix into this song of Virginia Storey. Possibilities for collaborating with local artist could be magic. It could begin a music revolution, but no Cd’s thank you, the future in Cuba is all about streaming as it gets wired with broadband (old school) and WIFI the latest, and that is Cuba.

Virginia Storey began piano lessons at 7 years of age and wrote her first “song” at 8, she took up guitar at 12 and spent her teenage years learning everything from Yes progressive rock to the Sex Pistols punk.

I asked Virginia, what’s the story with ‘Lost’? This is how Virginia explained it to me.

When I was writing it, it came from just a very stream of consciousness internal dialogue of sorts, that I realized sang nicely like a back and forth conversation. Me and my inner voice. Ha! So that was my approach when I recorded the vocals. I wanted the guitar to sustain indefinitely throughout the movements, in a Heroes kind of way, and the E-bow was perfect for that. I was going for something that might haunt as much as the dialogue in which you’re so in love with someone that you’ve realized you’ve become a ghost of yourself. – Virginia

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