President Obama Coming To Rock Cuba and who else could rock it? Francesco Yates

One day I was just hanging out backstage at a fashion show, as one does, and Canadian model Paul Mason  (currently chilling on beach of Rio), said to me you need to talk to Francesco Yates and so I did. Francesco, can play anywhere in the world and they will love him. President Obama just rocked SXSW and it is there I was talking to few people about Francesco and endless possibilities for collaborating with musicians of Cuba as that was next big trip for Obama and it was going to open the door for new adventures for the people of Cuba.

Francesco is a great musician, pure,to whom at times the melody pops into his head and then he works out the lyrics, and that is Cuba. In Cuba you first move to the music and then words come into play. The potential for collaborating with local artists is enormous. Not to mention Francesco has the hair for Cuba. Check out his music and follow him.  USA given up hating on Cuba, and Cuba is feeling the love and dancing to the tune of ‘Better To Be Loved‘.

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