First Lady Michelle Obama Comes To Speak at SXSW and Canadian Singer Alessia Cara Got A Message for the 62 Million Girls

It’s SXSW Music starting today and tomorrow we have a keynote from First Lady Michelle Obama, and she is joined on the panel by Grammy winner and Oscar nominee Diane Warren, Grammy winner Missy Elliott, Grammy winner Queen Latifah, and actress and activist Sophia Bush for a discussion about finding one’s passion and acting on it. Live Streaming.

How could I not represent and share with all those at SXSW Music, and the world talent from my hometown Toronto.  So to the 62 million girls, who have dreams and hopes, let me introduce you to Alessia Cara. Now according to Spotify the most viral song of 2015 was ‘Here’, by Alessia Cara. So to everyone out there Alessia is another example of how magic can happen dreams can come true, and what you will hear Michelle Obama talk about is letting girls learn, giving them the opportunity and the tools.

Imagine you are a girl you have a song out there and then Taylor Swift calls you up and ask’s you to sing in front of fifty-five thousand people, yes unreal, but true.

So let’s give Alessia a big shout-out follow her on her social media, and let’s get all the girls into the digital world so they too can explore, learn, exchange ideas, invent, with people in some far away place.

“Alessia Cara’s new album is great, been listening to it all the time.” – James Rush British Filmmaker

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