First Lady Michelle Obama ‘Let Girls Learn’ SXSW and Momina Mustehsan A Great Example

“When my parents said it was okay for me to do a couple of music projects without getting too involved, and told me that I had their support and how I needed to ignore what others might say about things that I knew were right. But because there was a “can’t get too involved” clause there, they bought me my own studio equipment that I have set-up in my dorm room, so I don’t go to studios for recordings. So most of the stuff I do is over the internet…Pi Jaun was made by a dear friend, Saad Sultan, over a Skype session. I added a bridge melody and wrote some lines for the song. Farhan came on board later on … Pi Jaoun. Took me around 20 minutes to write/compose my part, and another 10-20 to record it. Literally!” – Momina Mustehsan

First Lady of The United States Michelle Obama will be the keynote speaker at SXSW music talking about her ‘Let Girls Learn’ initiative.

There is perhaps no better example I can introduce you to than a Pakistani girl who has a passion for music, yet it is not her career because she choose to major in bio-medical engineering, please meet Momina Mustehsan.

“It is very cutting edge, and basically teaches you that you can control or alter almost any natural biological thing/process. And also, you walk out as a professional engineer.”

At SXSW, technology, film and music all go hand-in-hand.  As President Obama said last week that he wants to bring everyone into the digital world.  Today so many girls, boys, do not have access to the internet let alone Wifi. Momina, again set a great example when you can study and embrace your passion in her case music, and be able to compose over Skype.

“I like taking somewhat of a backseat when it comes to professional music also because our society is such … we are always looking for opportunities to pick on women in this field and even in general.”

While the YouTube video’s such as her duet with singer Farhan Saeed, Pi Jaun (note in Bollywood singers are playback singers who actually sing but are not on the screen), and her Bollywood song Awari , where some time ago.  Currently she is working on music, doing her studies in New York City, and she is looking forward to work on a future yet undisclosed Pakistani project.

It is amazing what can happen when one has opportunities, so please support the Let Girls Learn initiative and if a girl wants to be a legend, let her be one.

The First Lady will participate in a discussion with panelists Grammy winner and Oscar nominee Diane Warren, Grammy winner Missy Elliott, Grammy winner Queen Latifah, and actress and activist Sophia Bush about finding one’s passion and acting on it. MAKERS is taking action with the First Lady and Let Girls Learn for this special announcement.

Tune in here on on Wednesday at 9:30am PST/10:30am CST/12:30pm EST to watch the First Lady LIVE from the Austin Convention Center.

Ek Villain Bollywood  film version of the song Awari, required the services of a female vocalist and this found its way to randomly to Momina.

“I was approached by Soch and they wanted me to feature on their track without disclosing what it was for, and then, Awari happened”.

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