Young Empires A Canadian Rock Band Check It Out From NXNW to SXSW


Discovering a Canadian Rock Band Young Empires while cruising to dinner in my friends car, they are nominated in Canada for a Juno – BREAKTHROUGH GROUP OF THE YEAR.

My fashion stylist friend, Kirsten Reader and I happen to both be in the our hometown of Toronto so it was a must meet catch up with few tequila drinks and food an after-thought at Playa Cabana Hacienda. Just as we are getting close to the restaurant this tune comes on and it catches my attention, I’ve never heard this band so I ask Kirsten “Hey girl whose this band you got rocking?”; Kirsten tells me its a band she has styled for their tour and that she is dressing the bassist Jacob Palahnuk for the Juno Awards. So I thought hey I am gonna blog this story because after all you gotta represent talent from your hometown, and share this with the world and those attending SXSW. Check this band out and catch them live on tour.

Oh!, how was the restaurant? Matthew the bartender kept us hooked up, my only downside, they don’t have Wifi for customers. I’m not feeling that place again, you hear me.

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