David Bowie – Iman – the women he loved his wife!

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I’ve never been in love till I met Iman – David Bowie

I never knew David Bowie the persona.  I knew David Robert Jones.  I used to kid around with him how all English people where Jones or Smith and all Pakistani’s Khan’s.  A friend of mine Shel Talmy had worked with David Jones before he became David Bowie, Shel would go on to work with The Who and The Kinks.  Bowie and I just got along without any effort we seemed to be on the same wave length.  We both loved technology and how it was going to change the world, we never did anything for money but for the passion that came from within for a creative purpose. We also knew some of the same people.  Bowie loved art, and I loved Andy Warhol.  In his death it would be pointless to go on about his impact on this world his creative power his ability to stay ahead of the curve, not being a pack but a leader.  No my story is more personal.  So lets begin with Iman.

 ‘Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.’ – Iman

Bowie and Iman love to read, they can read two or three books on the go.  Their favorite book is ‘City Of Joy’, but I did not know that when I invited them to a screening of the film at Sony Pictures in Culver City.  After the screening, I thought Iman , David, Jane and I should go have dinner .  Iman suggested Chaya on Robertson, and I the Ivy on Robertson we all agreed to go there.  When I called the Ivy restaurant they informed me the kitchen would be closing soon, and I told them I was with Bowie and Iman and they where more than happy to keep the kitchen open.

At the Ivy on Robertson there is the main dining area, and we all went and sat next to the fireplace at the end of the dining room, hardly anyone was there as it was about to close, and this was perfect for us.  It was here that Bowie told us that he loved Iman so much that he never wants to be apart from her, he wants to spend all his time with her.  That he have never been in love before or how that felt till he met Iman.  They cuddled and kissed like high school kids crushing.

In his death my heart bleeds with sadness for Iman and his children whom he loved and who loved him.  Both Bowie and I where planing to get married to our respective partners at the time and I told him how complicated my wedding was gonna be ” David imagine half  Scottish and the other Pakistani”, Bowie laughed and said you think you have problems, ” Iman’s family all had to make a run for it in Somalia so I have the problem of how to get people with no passports or paperwork to our wedding” .  He suggested I get the book ‘ The Wedding Planer’ at the Book Soup on Sunset.  Bowie and Iman, Jane and I got married on the same day, same year on June 6th, Bowie and Iman in Europe and Jane and I in Canada.  My marriage did not workout while Bowie’s with Iman went the full course.  So if you are sad today at his passing take consolation in the fact the Bowie was with those he loved and who loved him dearly to the very end. Now that’s the way to go.

More stories to come for now I leave you with this clip as my film is about those who loved David Bowie those around the world he impacted and what an impact David Bowie has had.

David Bowie Is Around The World “The Fans” 1 from Timothy Hollywood Khan on Vimeo.

City of Joy

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