Sarah Fisher is gonna give you chills in ‘The Stepchild’ Premiering Sunday on Lifetime TV

Canadian actress, singer, songwriter, model, Sarah Fisher will be giving you chills and thrills in her upcoming film ‘The Stepchild’  that will premier, Sunday January 10, on Lifetime TV. She is with a great cast along Lauren Holly, Paul Johannson from the most popular ‘One Tree Hill’, Kennan Tracy and Al Sapienza.

After spending months in the hospital recovering from the physical and emotional injuries she suffered during a home invasion that claimed the life of her father and left her stepmother, Beth, injured, Ashley Bennett returns home to try to move on with her life. Plagued by fragmented memories of the night of the murder, Ashley begins to suspect that her father’s friend and business partner, John, who is now living with her and her stepmother, is up to no good and she enlists the help of her boyfriend to look into his behavior. When Ashley learns that John’s wife died in an unusual accident, she becomes convinced that John is behind her father’s murder and that Beth is in serious danger. However, Beth sees Ashley’s erratic and paranoid behavior as a sign of suffering from post traumatic stress. Is Ashley simply jealous of this new man or is John a cold-blooded killer? And if Ashley can remember everything from the night of the murder, will she be prepared to face the truth?


The Stepchild Sunday, January 10, 9PM EST, Monday, January 11, 1AM EST, Saturday, January 16, 10PM EST, and Sunday, January 17, 2AM EST.

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