Kylie “Kiss Me Once Tour” rocks as she says Ciao!!! to her label and Roc Nation

Kylie Minogue is a seasoned entertainer but what her previous tours have lacked is honesty and genuine heart. When Kylie tours she goes all out with all the bells and whistles but this time she’s stripped everything back and focused on letting the audience get to know her a little better and celebrate her incredible career that spans over two decades.

This tour may not have included elaborate set changes or mechanical water fountains but it had a lot of heart and soul. She allowed people to see a different side of her while letting herself go a bit more fun on stage instead of always having to think about the next cue. With what is easily one of her best setlists yet this show was really just a giant disco. The costumes were flawless, her vocals were insane, her dancers were hot, her band was on fire and the lighting was mesmerizing. If you saw the show and if I left anything out let me know. In anything I had a lot of fun watching this gig and naturally Mr. Italian art of cool Giorgio Moroder.

So where will Kylie go from here? Hey I say take this show to Las Vegas it will sell, sell, sell. Hey better yet get on the lineup for Rock in Rio in Las Vegas as a start.

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