David Bowie film is discovering guitarist from Tokyo YUE’s BUMPING JAM – 新進気鋭ギタリスト宮城由泳率いる、


When you set out to make a movie on David Bowie Is Around The World  you abide by the philosophy that has molded the man himself, and go on a quest to discover  and never be insular. Like they say if you build it they will come, and my case it is if you are making a film and you are all about discovering talent in this world than thanks to social media they will find you. Yue Miyagi is such a discovery and she is all about the guitar, hey maybe she could do a David Bowie cover or just be in the film who know what will happen so let me share with you this great discovery.

I loved what Yue  sent me so check it out and follow her and her music. She is currently on tour so maybe if she comes your way you can see her live. Here is Yue’s new single.

【YUE’s BUMPING JAM New Single!!! 】
新進気鋭ギタリスト宮城由泳率いる、gt,key,ba,drの4rythmで織りなす新感覚のギターインストサウンド。 Bumping(熱くぶつかり合う)Jam(その場でつくる音楽)。

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