The Oscars keep it real and it was great

John and Common

Some of this year’s Oscar winners went further in their acceptance speeches than only thanking their crew, their family and the Academy. Some people scratched deeper surfaces that included racial inequality, wages inequality for women and teenage suicide.

Later, after a tear-jerking performance of “Glory” from Selma, Common and John Legend (Lonnie Lynn and John Stephens) won the Oscar for Best Original Song. Their acceptance speeches contained the most grounding points when Common called for those who want freedom of expression and those in Hong Kong fighting for democracy. John Legend ended with ho “there are more black men under correctional control today then were under slavery in 1850″.

Micheal Keaton ‘Who am I kidding it’s just great to be here”.  At if you just get nominated it’s a thrill, winning is just another level.


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