Hollywood Loves A Party: So When I Got Fifty Million to Make Movies I Threw A Party

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"I’ve always watched actors on the red carpet getting drunk and making idiots of themselves and now I’m happy to join their ranks" – Ethan Hawke

Hollywood is going to be in the swing of parties it all starts with the Golden Globes and picks up towards the big bash The Oscars.  One thing I am sure you will all agree with they love a good party in Hollywood.

After I had my massive fallout with Producer Ismael Merchant of Merchant Ivory Productions with whom I have a film financing deal for his companies films, I decided to go out on my own. My concept was simple, go in with some money ask the studio to match it put up the print and add money and off we go.   Well this is Hollywood we are talking about and nothing is easy especially if in 1992 you wanted to make a film for $7 million to $15 million, in their minds it was impossible.

Nevertheless, Lew Wasserman who founded MCA, later MCA/Universal looked at me said he liked the idea he just was not sure if the studio was ready for it.  Rule number one of Hollywood is to have the players in your pocket ( a social network not twitter and Facebook friends real people who can be seen and touched).   No one in Hollywood really knew me or my partners after all they never look North, Hollywood is about only Hollywood.  So who was my partner.  So I called up a few people and said he I am doing a party come meet my partners.

All aspects of the party were looked after by the great team of the he Peninsula Beverly Hills, three of my friends I had invited knew a lot of people all over the world, and they were David Bowie, Iman, and Mick Jones between them you just covered all the world of fashion, music, and film combine with Labatt, and the ties to The Rolling Stones, Toronto Blue Jays, and world of Formula One racing, something cool could happen.  Who better for all in Hollywood to hear that from but the CEO of Labatt.

When Bowie and Iman arrived they could not belive the scene, because a lot of people had turned up.  " Tim is this for any charity?" Bowie asked, "No David it's just a party", "Oh good, Iman and I are really shy, Tim, I mean we are not like Mick Jagger and Jerry,", Bowie explained and I assured him I would hold his hand and walk him around, which I did.

The Party

As reported in, The Great Life by Hollywood Reporter party columnist George Christy. - Thursday, March 12, 1992 . Below are a few clips of some of my friends who came to the party, and what they have done in film and music.  Check them out you will find them most interesting.

Earlier at the Peninsula Hotel Timothy Khan introduced his film financing partner Sid Oland of the John Labatt beer empire in Canada that owns the Toronto Blue Jays and sponsored The Rolling Stones Steels Wheels tour, as well as the concerts of David Bowie and Paul Simon.  David Bowie and fiancée Iman were on hand, as was Prince Mohammad bin Omar, the business-whiz brother of the billionaire Sultan of Brunei, who owns our Beverly Hills Hotel (which will close for two-years' worth of renovations later this year - but not to be expanded; the existing rooms will be made larger).  Schmoozing were Ingrid Oland, Edie and Lew Wasserman, Ashok Amritage, Foreigner's Mick Jones with brother Kevin, Jeremy Taylor ( who co-produced E.M. Forster's "Where Angels Fear To Tread', Hilly Elkins, Warner Bros Records president Lenny Wornoker, U.K record producer Shel Thelmy, Toronto Film liaison Naish McHugh, pleased with our Location Expo gathering during the American Film Market, "We landed three movies for filming in Toronto, as well as two TV series.

The Great Life - by George Christy - The Hollywood Reporter , March 12, 1992

To the people who were not born yet, who was Lew Wasserman? Lew Wasserman was the first person to give me a corner office to have meetings in at MCA/Universal black tower. He had no clue what he was gonna do with me and my idea to make films with budgets of $15 million, with matching funds from the studio.  One thing was certain he did not want me to go anywhere else.  Lew Wasserman and I had a lot in common he was a class act.  So here is a video of a trailer about Lew Wasserman.

David Bowie and Iman, do I really need to tell you who they are?  David and I started talking about creating our own record label, as it turned out Bowie thought I would really hit it off with the man who ran his companies and I did.  Bowie's office became my back office, for advise, creative input, ideas, concepts, and new technology.

Shel Thelmy, is a buddy of mine who had produced the first two albums for a guy called David Robert Jones ( David Bowie).  Shel went on to also produce bands such as 'Kinks' and 'The Who'.  At the party I introduced Bowie to Shel it was the first time they had reunited since Bowie's first two albums with Shel.

The Manish Boys' (at that time featuring David Bowie) version was released in 1965. The recording was produced by Shel Talmy, who was also producing the early singles and albums by The Who and The Kinks. Jimmy Page was Talmy's regular session musician and he played the guitar solo on "I Pity the Fool".

Kevin Jones and I first met in the Hampton's, then Kevin moved to Los Angeles, and I met his brother Mick.  I grew up on the music Mick Jones had written.  In Los Angles I ended up doing some pretty crazy stuff with these guys, borderline alcohol poisoning, leaving the house to get pizza and coming back to find only clothes lying around, the usual rock and roll stuff or anything you may have seen in Californication.

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