TIFF14 – Shemar Moore meets David Bowie – ‘Criminal Minds and Criminal World’


I have never seen Shemar Moore in ‘Criminal Minds’ , but all I can say is that my mother for whom the show is like a good fix she has nothing but nice things to say about Moore and what a good speaker he is. David Bowie covered a song by Peter Godwin ‘Criminal World’.   It took The Toronto International Film Festival to bring them together in the lobby of The Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Someone whom I have come to know Peter Godwin is a new wave musician who was part of the band Metro, as well as a solo artist and songwriter.  Peter was introduced to me by NJ Taylor a singer, songwriter, in Montreal.  She had sent me a text about Godwin this guy who I must meet because I am making a film David Bowie Is Around The World and she told me in a very excited manner and guess what David Bowie covered Godwin’s song ‘Criminal World’ .  Naturally I said yes I want to meet Godwin, because I know Bowie he is just not about to cover anyone unless there is something about their work that is speaking to him.

N.J. Taylor , Shemar Moore and David Bowie ( well the Bowie paddle ) anyway are all at the Toronto film festival, it’s one of those once of a lifetime and less than six degrees of separation moment coming together and no one could have planned this better.

Here are both versions of Godwin’s song ‘Criminal World’.

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