Robert Downey Jr. to Michael’s On Simcoe and chilled wine!

Actor Robert Downey Jr. (L) and his wife, producer Susan Downey pose as they arrive for the gala...

My phone is going mental with text messages, Facebook direct messages, phone calls coming and all I want the phone to do is get a shot of Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan.  As they walked out of the Ritz Carlton and to the awaiting cars to bring them to the gala. “Hey Robert check this out”, as I gave two girls standing in the heat David Bowie paddles sent by The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago they had also sent a very nice invite to the David Bowie Is exhibit.  The girls got all excited, held it to their face and you can bet Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey are going to try to get to see the Bowie exhibit.   It was time for them to go in, the crowd started to scream ‘ Robert, Robert, Robert’ he stopped turned around and came over for this shot, as the crowd who get to see stars of Hollywood at one of the greatest film festivals in the world.  As soon as they went into the gala, I started my walk across the road to Michael’s One Simcoe .

Cross the street I ran into Tommy James, he is in my David Bowie Is Around The World and everyone thinks he could be James Franco.  Tommy is on his way to film function to go meet some agents, and ask him to come with me have a glass of Ravine Vineyard wine and Tommy and I start making our way to Michael’s On Simcoe, as we walk over we run into more people and we all walk in.  Michael is busy loves that Tommy looks like James Franco, and I get Tommy a glass of Chardonnay delivered earlier by Ravine Vineyard to all the David Bowie VIP spots in the city where if you have a Bowie Film VIP pass you can enjoy a glass of wine.  As I get to the bar a patron sitting having dinner, looks over to tell me as I check the bottle of Ravine out say’s “That is a great wine, I had a glass, it’s really good”, now I am curious and can’t wait to sip this wine, ( but hold on ) Rod Williams has just walked in.  Rod Williams is President of Canada’s Wheels UP, and he looks at the television screen “See those two quarterbacks” he is referring to Green Bay and Seahawks and shows a text message he just got with their pictures in T-shirts wearing his company logo, we all think it’s pretty cool, but can we get to the wine please ( I’m dying here).  I get Rod a glass of wine as well, and we cheer and drink the wine, Rod who has been in the private jet business for a very long time knows a good thing when he sees it ( in this case taste it ), “This is great wine” and now we chill drink wine and wait till the text arrives ‘Pacino lost his invite to Bowie’, so I have to run out of Michael’s On Simcoe and sort this out as he is about to go on the Red Carpet.  Welcome to Toronto and The Toronto International Film Festival.


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