Al Pacino and the 3rd TIFF Gala

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It’s Wednesday night at the TIFF Gala, the third edition of the luxe soiree in the festival’s 39-year history. Tickets cost $1,500 a pop and feature two tiers of swanky — a cocktail reception on the second floor of the Lightbox and a rooftop party above, catered by Oliver and Bonacini.

Really, guests paid the hefty admission to see  Al Pacino, who has two films at the festival, sit down for an interview with the locally beloved George Stroumboulopoulos.

Late at night I run into Natalie Brown, who is dressed in a stunning strapless orange cocktail dress and I tell her so. B2014-09-03 15.13.30-1rown recently starred in Guillermo del Toro’s vampire drama The Strain. Conversation with Brown who is delightful somehow ends up how Belleville (which to be honest I have no idea where it is) but now I am curious, and then a hand hits my shoulder and a voice you have heard on the silver screen says “Watch out for him” ! its Al Pacino ready to leave for the Ritz Carlton.  I have an envelope with his name on it which arrived from Chicago from The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago his VIP invite for David Bowie Is “the kid is making an entire film on a cell phone” The cellphone in question stays in my pocket, there is no “selfie” (which I would never do), no tweet at the time just going it old school after all it’s Al Pacino. 

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