Adam Lambert discovered Queen and Sarah Fisher of Degrassi discovers Bowie – Toronto

Adam Lambert discovered the band Queen or their music in the film ‘Wayne’s World’.  Lambert was 10 years old. As Brian May reminds fans that he has probably played for their grandparents.  Discovery in never accidental it is just meant to be.  To all those young people with dreams what this say’s is live the dream, because you just never know what is around the corner.

Sarah Fisher the young Canadian actress from Toronto who plays ‘Becky’ in Degrassi television show has never seen a David Bowie concert.  Bowie’s last tour would have been when Sarah would have been 11 years old.  So like Adam Lambert , Sarah Fisher found herself rocking with another women who began to rock Indy 500 at the age of 19, also known as Sarah Fisher who now owns the Indy team Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing.

I think if you are a Queen and Adam Lambert fan you will know the David Bowie connection to Queen, so what is the connection between Sarah Fisher’s and Bowie, they got to hold and rock the Bowie’s Jarrell guitar that is in the film David Bowie Is Around The World and the guitars are also on a world tour.

Here is some pictures from Indy Toronto with the two Sarah Fisher’s rocking it in the garage.  Today is the last show for Adam Lambert and Queen in North America and they rock it in Toronto hometown of Sarah Fisher so now you get to discover her music.  Just like Adam Lambert discovered Queen you can discover Sarah Fisher. Check it out, and remember ‘Dreams can come true’ so dream and rock life.

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