David Bowie film discovers Sarah Fisher singer, songwriter, actress

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It’s late at night and you only have few hours till you jump on a flight to go meet a girl from your hometown of Toronto that is been rocking it from a very early age. This usually means she is just meant to be an entertainer. This story also has a very cool twist to it but till I can confirm it with Sarah Fisher herself, it will just have to wait.

Sarah Fisher as an actress plays the role of “Becky Baker” in the latest 21st century incarnation of the show, Degrassi.  Sarah has been singing since she was twelve years of age and while she is busy with television and films she is having a blast with music.  David Bowie always sought out new talent such as Bruce Springsteen to name just one of many, and so here I go as David Bowie Is Around The World to discover Sarah. 

More about Sarah after landing and meeting her at Honda Indy Toronto with yet another talented lady Sarah Fisher team owner of Fisher Hartman Racing. Leave you with this tune of Sarah Fisher the singer songwriter.

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