Canadian Grand Prix 2014 Meets Breakout Director Sean Brosnan and fiancé Sanja Banic

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“The Kid”, which was Sean Brosnan’s directorial debut and now he is on a roll. Sean Brosnan and Sanja Banic set up Knight Marcher Films in 2012 to make films together. They are currently in Canada as Sean is acting in a film being shot on location in Toronto, and Ottawa.

The timing could not be more perfect with a break in filming taking place the weekend of the Canadian Grand Prix. Sean Brosnan has not been to a Grand Prix since his dad Pierce Brosnan took him as a little boy, and Sanja has never been so they are about to get a taste of Montreal, and the spirit of one of the coolest events that takes place in Canada the Canadian Grand Prix in a city from where so many great Canadian film makers have emerged from Montreal. Sean and Sanja are not in bad company as one of the biggest fans of Formula 1 is none other than Pierce (No NOT Brosnan) but Pierce Handling the CEO of the number one film festival in the world the Toronto International Film Festival and the director of the festival Warren Spitz. Let it be known want to make films in Canada then we are ready and encourage you to come we will show you a good time and you will never want to leave.

Look for Sean and Sanja rocking the paddock Sunday they are about to take Canada with a storm a looking to do a lot more work in Canada.
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