Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton Boy’s Of Monaco Battle It Out – Monaco Grand Prix

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Monaco Grand Prix 2014

At last, the rivalry which will define this Formula One season has exploded in spectacular fashion. After all the niceties, the politeness, and the mutual backslapping between these two long-time friends, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg’s private duel for the world championship took a hugely bitter turn after the German controversially secured pole position for the Monaco Grand Prix.
Asked if Rosberg intentionally ruined his final effort by going off the track, bringing out the yellow flags as Hamilton tore around Monte Carlo’s streets, the Briton replied: “Potentially”. He also cryptically said of the incident: “I should have known that was going to happen.”
Tensions were running so high that the 29-year-old even hinted that he may resort to drastic measures and drive Rosberg off the road in the race itself.

While he stopped short of categorically branding Rosberg a cheat, his facial expressions and strained body language told the story.

If you think Formula One in Monaco was not rocking it was because F1Rocks. From the Amber Lounge to the cool fashion shop Eleven Monte Carlo it was rocking with guitars. As the boy’s of Monaco raced the streets of Monte Carlo, The Rolling Stones were doing sound check in Oslo, what makes more noise asked the Fairmont Monte Carlo host to the cool guitars of Phillip Jarrell? Me thinks it’s the guitars in the hands of the Rolling Stones.

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