Dead Sea Skulls Premier ‘I Wanna Rolex’ and The Kate Moss, David Bowie Connection

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The Savoy has a history in the city of London where so many artists have come through its doors. It was The Savoy where Frank Giustra used to stay, and where he wrote me a cheque banking on me. We where both in the gold mining business in those days.  Frank went on to create a film company called Lions Gate, you know that little company that made The Hunger Games and so many more. It was at The Savoy where another friend of mine Shel Talmy heard a band over the phone and decided to meet them, they had  begged him to produce . Shel not only sighed them but also produced the album “My Generation” for the band that became known as “The Who”.  If you are looking for gold you will most likely find it at The Savoy.

Zebra One Gallery in London is frequented by many celebrities, the Zebra One Gallery is in the heart of Hampstead and boasts many exclusive exhibitions by photographers pulling in rare images from all over the world. Zebra One Gallery was showcasing the rare photographs of Kate Moss and as you saw Kate at The Brit Awards standing in for David Bowie and I am making the film on Bowie my spy was alertly at The Savoy to scope out talent that would require a mention in the film David Bowie Is Around The World. Dead Sea Skulls had been invited by Zebra One Gallery, and this led to the discovery.  If like Shel Talmy you are gonna discover a band why not in London at The Savoy thanks to Kate Moss and David Bowie (Oh did I mention yet, that Shel Talmy also produced the first two albums for a guy called David Jones, later to become known as David Bowie?).

“I Wanna Rolex” is a new release by Dead Sea Skulls.  My first Rolex was presented to me in Geneva by a gold mining executive as a gift it was the  “Rolex Presidential”.  In London at the restaurant Scalini on Walton Street, my friends  best mates with Rod Stewart saw that I was wearing an all white Kenzo suite for dinner and decided to play a prank on me.   The waiter brought over steamed cabbage role, and everyone at the table suggested I cut it they wanted to see if I would make a mess of my suite.   As I cut into the cabbage role, being observed by the table next to us by James Bond aka Roger Moore I hit an object hidden inside the cabbage role,  wrapped in plastic was a gift  a “Rolex Submariner”.

Dead Sea Skulls  is a band that I really like, if you listen to the sound Shel produced for The Who in ‘My Generation” you will get the same vibe, anyway I do when I listen to their music. Bowie would drop into my home bringing one CD or another and saying “Tim give a listen to this band, I really like their sound”, this was during the time Bowie and I contemplated starting our own recording label while Bowie was finishing working on his album with guitarist Mick Ronson ‘Black Tie White Noise’ .  The label never happened as I had a first look deal with Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and Rupert Murdoch did not want to be in the record business.

“I Wanna Have A Rolex” single will have its digital release on ( iTunes,Amazon mp3 and Spotify ) on March 27th, 2014.

Here is my interview with the band Dead Sea Skulls, get to know them my gut tells me they are going places after all how could the spirit of Kate Moss and David Bowie be wrong. This post from Tokyo, Japan with The Rolling Stones ’14 On Fire” tour..

1. So how did the band come together, old friends how did you all find each other?

Myself and Jimi are brothers and have always played music together. We have known Ash a long time and grown up in the same town and our musical journeys have always crossed paths. The time was right and we were all looking for something new which is when we crossed paths again and decided to formulate a plan.

2.Who does the writing are you guys like Mick and Keith or one person, or do you all three sit down and work on the music?

We all write as a collective and all bring in our ideas to the mixing pot. We then “demo” all our ideas and go from there. Everyone in the band has an equal say and opinion, which is what makes the Dead Sea Skulls sound what it is.

3. Who are some of the musicians who inspired you growing up?

For me (Nick) it has always been bands like The Stones, Hendrix, Black Sabbath, and I love Josh Homme & Queens Of The Stoneage.

Jimi has a real passion for Motown and the bass playing of James Jameson and bands like The Who with John Entwistle. But he also has big love for some modern R&B too Ash comes from an Irish background so bands like The Pogues and The Dubliners play a big part in his musical education along with players like Buddy Rich and Miles Davis who were massive inspirations. You are launching I want a Rolex, can you tell me how this all came about what was the creative process?

We were jamming on a riff idea and did a demo of a new song. It had a great punk vibe and we were talking about how Jimi had just bought a Rolex and myself and Ash both said “I wanna buy a Rolex!!” It made us laugh!!

It’s really a goal for a lot of people have a cool expensive watch and Rolex is the leading name. So we thought ,”yeah let’s go with that!” Hopefully people will relate to it 🙂

That was a great evening. We were invited down by friends from the “Zebra One” gallery who were hosting the event. It was a really cool vibe and we bumped into a few friends there and had a great time. The Savoy was an awesome venue too..great history!

6. What is your current goal or target that you would like to achieve?

“World Domination!” We plan to take this band to the edge of the earth! We are having so much fun with gigs, writing and people reactions to the band. We have a plan of action in mind and want to put our positive thoughts out into the Universe and make our band a household name.

7.What are all of your thoughts on David Bowie?

Bowie is an icon and his style and music have always stood the test of time because he has evolved. Even in 2014 he won a “Brit Award” here in the UK which generally caters for new music, but Bowie was back in there because his music and influence will never grow old or out dated.

I recently worked as a guitar tech for Nile Rogers from Chic and he and Bowie wrote some amazing tunes! “Let’s Dance” with Stevie Ray Vaughan on lead guitar!! That’s crazy!! What a line up of musicians. Bowie really knew how to get the right sounds and people in to make his music timeless!

Here is the bands latest work “I Wanna Rolex” . you’re gonna dig it!!

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