David Bowie Kate Moss The Brit Awards 2014 and Ziggy Plays Guitar For Scotland

David Bowie stole the show at last night’s Brit Awards by reclaiming the Best Male Solo Artist award he last won 30 years ago and more.

In Canada we have this province called Quebec, and they keep going blah, blah, blah about separating from Canada in french that makes your ears hurt. David Bowie loves New York he was not going to trek across the Atlantic but he sent someone of equal stature a friend with whom he has done a lot of work the iconic supermodel Kate Moss.  Kate Moss also had a blunt political message to deliver to Scotland on behalf of Bowie, “Scotland stay with us”.

Introduced by Noel Gallagher, Kate Moss – decked in an original Ziggy Stardust stage outfit from 1972 – read Bowie’s acceptance speech saying: “In Japanese myth the rabbits from my old costume which Kate is wearing live on the moon. Kate comes Venus and I from Mars.

“I’m completely delighted to have a Brit for being the Best Male but I am, aren’t I Kate? I think it’s a great way to end the day, thank you very, very much,” she said before adding: “And Scotland, stay with us. David Bowie, read by Kate Moss”

This short but to-the-point comment makes Bowie the first high-profile pop star to wade into the Scottish independence row at a time when politicians are debating the pros and cons of a separate state ahead of the 18 September referendum.

Beating young artists Jake Bugg, John Newman, Tom Odell and James Blake to the accolade, Bowie has become the oldest recipient of a Brit Award, taking over from Sir Tom Jones, who was given an honorary prize for his outstanding contribution to music in 2003 when he was 62.

Bowie won the prize after his comeback last year with album The Next Day, following an absence of 10 years.

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