David Bowie Film Discovery – ‘Dead Sea Skulls’ and their “Riding High” Official Video Rocking London Town

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If you think that the film David Bowie Is Around The World does not have some scout lurking around spying looking for talent,  guess what? you would be wrong.  The word is out and the scouts all eager to help are quick to drop a tweet, to say hey check this out.

The Dead Sea Skulls discovery took place in a manner that is so Bowie it is unreal.  It all started at the iconic hotel in London, The Savoy and many thanks to Zebra One Gallery, the office of the Fairmont in Toronto and the fast acting team of The Savoy who invited a guest to the showing of rare photographs of Kate Moss.  Three British Icons, Bowie, Moss, The Savoy in the mix magic had to be present and it was brilliantly scouted.  In a city that is rocking fashion week, Prince and his all girl band 3rd Eye Girl you would think that was enough, not in London.  These three dudes not only rock but do it with style.  Check this video out, I love the manner in which it was shot, and Riding High tell me if that is not a killer tune.  More on the band in an interview to come, here is the kick-ass tune of Dead Sea Skulls Official video Riding High.


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