David Bowie Film Rocked The Jewellery of Glynneth Barren and Now The Talent of Belfast, N. Ireland

Glynneth Barren is rocking her stunning jewellery designs with fashion covers with Rihanna, to the David Bowie Table at the Ritz Carlton in the Bowie film to the pool of talent that’s in Belfast, N. Ireland.

A chance meeting between Fashion Stylist Cindy McKendry and LA based Jewellery designer Glynneth B at The MTV awards led to this stunning collection shot in the back streets of Belfast on a typically dark damp day , this Couture collection of Jewels is more normally at home on wrists , fingers and necks of Beyonce , Rihanna  and Michelle Obama and only available in the UK from Harvey Nicholls but with a little persuasion and a lot of charm (not lacking in Ireland), Cindy secured the exclusive use of the much sought after jewels . Cindy’s vision was to dig deep into the Roots of Belfast’s Punk Rock past to highlight the edgier side to the range , enlisting the help Hairstylist Paul Stafford , photographer Catherine Mckenzie , Make Up artist Tippy Longronio and Designers Shauna Fay and Emma Gillles of Crafty Couture . Taking inspiration from Punk Icons Debbie Harry Patti Smith Joey Ramone and Iggy Pop , the shoot centred around Models Rebekah and Caroline taking on new personas to reenact fictional punk Heroines in a dark moody City -scape setting , using the everyday surroundings give the shoot a sense of reality and grittiness whilst still retaining a feeling of urban fashion cool .

Credits : Styling and Concept Cindy Mckendry (07788203191) Photography . Catherine Mackenzie (07729125014) Make Up Tippy Logronio (07919030884)   .Hair Paul Stafford @ Stafford Hair Hair Assistants Amy Cartright Lena McNally Jimmy Beech Models Rebekah Mc Creesh( and Caroline McMemin (for model details contact info@staffords ) Fashion Shauna Fay (07592339748)and Emma Gilles (07598018855)

Music; David Bowie “Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide”.

These shot in Crafty Belfast Dublin rd Belfast .

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