Prince and Lianne LaHavas Factor – “Hit and Run Tour” – Girl Power

 Lianne LaHavas 24-year-old singer-songwriter met Prince last year during LaHavas’ tour of America. They jammed together at Prince’s Paisley Park Studio in Minneapolis and have kept in touch ever since.

‘When prince told Lianne he was coming to London to launch his new project, LaHavas jokingly offered her flat as the location for the press conference.’ As everyone has come to know Prince is always trying new things with new people and in a manner that spells “cool” tool LaHavas up on the offer.

February 3, Prince will announce the details of his “Hit and Run Tour” at the apartment in London. How cool is that.

It’s as cool as calling Donna Grantis a guitarist in Toronto to say come play with me. Naturally shocked , Donna later released the call was for real and is now became part of Prince’s all girl band with drummer Hannah Ford and bassist Ida Neilsen, 3rdEyeGirl.

Then again we know by now Prince calling up someone out of the blue in Toronto and bringing him into his world.

Prince and his all-female band 3rdEyeGirl will play at a number of ‘iconic venues in and around London’ as part of their worldwide Hit and Run tour.

The Purple One last played the UK at the Hop Farm Festival in July 2011.


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