Glynneth Barren and Shauna Fay , British and Irish Designers – One Mission – Rock Fashion! – Rihanna to Belfast.

David Bowie has been an imminence inspiration for the very reserved (in her British way) designer Glynneth Barren. Some came to know her rocking jewelry design at the David Bowie Table, at the Ritz Bar, Ritz Carlton Hotel Toronto during the Toronto International Film Festival. If your collection is to arrive in style then why not in a private jet from Los Angeles.

I am blessed and very fortunate to be surrounded by women of such great talent and style that I am at times left without words, by the sheer magic being created. From the arms of Rihanna to a photo-shoot in Belfast.

Magic is being created at this very moment in Belfast, Ireland where designer Shauna Fay is busy designing a leather hot-pant suit to compliment the jewelry design of Glynneth Barren for a photo shoot to take place in Belfast this Grammy weekend. Stylist Cindy McKendry a talent in her own right had this to say ;

“This was a surreal day, in a lovely way. My lovely friend Glynneth Barren who is an international jewelry designer has flown in her jewels from L.a for a shoot. I am sitting0rlzljtfhg7sr0zg here with the bracelet Rihanna wore in this shoot . Her stuff is unlike anything I have ever seen in my life. So delighted to be shooting them in N.Ireland . Glynneth has designed for Beyonce, Michelle Obama, Keisha, there really is no-one in Hollywood she hasn’t had in her jewels. So excited to be working with them..all like works of art.Catherine MacKenzie, Paul Stafford, Tippy Logronio-Mua, Shauna Fay, Emma Gilles, Rebekah McCreesh and Caroline McMenamin”

It is the first time that Glynneth Barren’s amazing jewelry has landed in Ireland, and it is just pure magic that is being created by women of passion for style, arts, and fashion today in Belfast, Ireland.

Here is a look of what Shauna is up to as I write this post.


Here is some of Glynneth’s jewelery at work during the Toronto Film Festival, at the David Bowie Table.

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