‘Lone Survivor’ Puts An Appropriate Twits To Bowie Song ‘Heroes’

lone-survivor-mainThere is no better way to pay tribute to those who serve in uniform and honor the ‘rules of engagement’ than with a cover of David Bowie song ‘Heroes’. Peter Gabriel’s remix of David Bowie’s classic, from his 2010 album, Scratch My Back, is perfect for the trailer. This is one of the great modern-day stories that should be known by all. True heroes one and all. This will be a great tribute to all of our operators getting the job done.

Based on The New York Times bestselling true story of heroism, courage and survival, Lone Survivor tells the incredible tale of four Navy SEALs on a covert mission to neutralize a high-level al-Qaeda operative who are ambushed by the enemy in the mountains of Afghanistan.

The film has some of the best action scenes I have seen in a long time. They are so well done that you will cringe in your seat.

I wrote this in 2009 and it sums up the film ‘Lone Survivor’.

When you are wounded and left,
On Afghanistan’s plains,
and a women comes out,
to cut-up what remains,
just roll to your rifle and blow-out your brains,
and go to God like a soldier.

Jump’n out of a black hawk,
and taking fire,
thank god, the bullets didn’t get me,
Apache escort,
cranks a high turn,
over the valley,
and makes a low run,
it takes fire,
from a house,
we mutter strange compliments,
about anyone who would shoot at an Apache,
the Apache, banks so hard, it’s nearly upside down,
it comes in like a huge furious, insect,
it unleashes a long burb, thirty millimeter-canon-fire,
the house, ungulates with impact,
someone inside shoots again,
“Jesus, that takes fucking balls”, say’s someone,
soon they will see their god,
the Apache, swoops again,
sending everyone to Elysium,
like a soldier. – THK – Feb, 2, 2009

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