Eva Herzigova to Cara Delevingne – Stay Off Twitter and Instagram


A model Aria Arayulo in Europe a writer of horror Wendy Potocki and I are rapidly exchanged in communication over Twitter. The tweets are in rapid succession and the buzz words ‘Glitter Whip’ and ‘Lollipop’ have been put into play, inspiring me to put pen to paper and compose lyrics for a song that could be in the film I am directing David Bowie Is Around The World . AsI scribble few notes such as title for the song ‘Glitter Whip and Lollipop English Girl’ I think of Cara Delevingne to be the English girl she’s perfect off the wall funny. I tweet away and write more notes ‘your eyes can’t hold my gaze English girl’ in the midst of this arrives a text from a friend standing on the black and white floor of Claridge’s hotel lobby, “Supermodel Eva Herzigova said Cara should stay off Twitter and Instagram” I send a text back in between the tweets “what’s up with Eva ask her if you get a chance” my spy goes to work.

I don’t think models and people in the public eye should be publicising their private live. One day when the younger models such as Cara are older , they’ll look back and regret the silly or embarrassing pictures they made public It’s dangerous for teenagers – it has become an unhealthy obsession

Eva Herzigova

“Snap” , I think to myself what’s up with Eva? Cara is just Cara and while Eva has a point ( she also has posed naked for Pirelli calendar) then again Eva is a stunning 40 year old that perhaps explains it. Cara was probably born with a mobile smartphone I her hand like most younger people. The world has changed who watches Television? when you can stream, and where would my inspiration have come from if it was not for the tweets of Aria and Wendy, there would be no ‘Glitter Whip and Lollipop’.


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