Paul Walker Goes Out Fast & Furious – Tragic Loss!


He lived his life and he died fast and furious today. He loved speed, he loved cars, and he had to die his way. He died in a very fast car with his friend.

Jim Torp

Paul Walker died today with his friend race car driver Roger Rodas in a Porsche Carrera GT. Paul Walker leaves behind his 15 year old daughter. By now you have all seen the news read and seen pictures on Twitter so there is no need to elaborate on what a horrific crash this was. I never met Paul Walker but I know we would have clicked simply because we love speed, surfing, and cars. The crash today is simply tragic and senseless.

I have know many race car drivers and the first two rules taught to me were from a legendary Canadian Formula One driver who drove for Ferrari Gilles Villeneuve. Villeneuve was sponsored by a Canadian Beer Company John Labatt with whom I was working at the time expanding the presence in Formula One. Villeneuve got me in a red Ferrari and started to drive while explaining that the car I was in was fast very fast, but roads, public roads are no place to display speed. Secondly he told me that the rear view mirror in a Ferrari is something one should never concern oneself with as what’s behind a Ferrari is of no consequence. Naturally, I was confused, and eventually got the message.

With my own Porsche in Los Angeles, I have always watched myself, controlled the temptation to open it up on the “S” curves on Sunset Boulevard between Whittier Dr. and UCLA, or PCH, the LAPD, Beverly Hills Police, or California Highway patrol just waiting to take anyone down in a flashy car. Whenever I really wanted to see what the car could do there was always the oval of The California Speedway. Then again Paul Walker made film about street racing in the Fast & Furious series, it just did not have to be this way, too soon, going up in flames. A movie is just that a movie on a set, you just don’t do it on the streets with a fast car like Porsche Carrera GT or for that matter any car. Yes bro, you’ll be missed its not the fans I am talking about those who loved you and whom you loved back your daughter and others close to you. I will miss seeing your face on the silver screen.


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