John Travolta Talks Travel By Business Jet


My very first business jet experience was a Challenger 600. Later through a business associate from Saudi Arabia I was exposed to global travel in his stretch DC 8. I was sold on air travel via business jet.

During the Formula One Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, United States Grand Prix 2013, there was not one spot free for anymore business jets. All had been taken. How else can you finish at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, taping in New York, get to Austin do some filming for David Bowie Is Around The World and get to Baja for a film festival only to return for the Grand Prix Race and get back to surf in Baja? Business jet, in particular those of Bombardier Aerospace.

Upon returning to Toronto after years in Los Angeles, I wanted to assist the film festival in any manner I could to somehow take things up a notch. This had also been the objective of Warren Spitz who is a member of the board of The Toronto International Film Festival. I suggested if one is going to have a gala then we need to make it really easy for some Hollywood stars to fly from Los Angeles to Toronto, a jet does the trick. Thanks to Bombardier the festival was able to do just that. There is so much flexibility flying with a private jet but you don’t have to hear me tell you that I will just let John Travolta tell you who I first met in Cannes after the showing of ‘Pulp Fiction’ .

Here is Johnny!

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