2013 United States Grand Prix – Victoria’s Secret Inspired Bowie Film Goes Wild in Austin, Texas

Model Anna Selezneva photographer Lachlan Bailey
Model Anna Selezneva photographer Lachlan Bailey

Four-time champion Sebastian Vettel has admitted to having a ruthless streak when he gets behind the wheel of a Formula One car. While Lewis Hamilton does not think he will be able to pull off a repeat of last year’s US Grand Prix and beat Sebastian Vettel to victory on Sunday. Sergio Perez of Mexico got two day notice from McLaren that they will replace him next year came as a shock. Then the gossip about the the boss of Formula One and his legal problems fills the paddock.

Against the backdrop of this drama at United States Grand Prix 2013, learning how many girls enjoy trying on lingerie especially during the taping of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013 a day before, in Austin, Texas the David Bowie Is Around The World film documentary let girls just have fun. Some of the girls will be on the grid as gird girls for the race on Sunday. Each girl got bag full of lingerie, four girls all filmmakers in Austin directed the unscripted documentary film allowing the girls to do whatever they wanted to the music of David Bowie. Where were some of the formula one drivers on Thursday night of filming? you will just have to wait till the three year film project is completed.

Best quote of the day; Sebastian Vettel said it was important to be ruthless at times and also quoted the late great formula one driver Ayrton Senna by saying “if you see a gap you have to go for it”. It’s what the girls did last night they just went for it. Who would have thought that music of David Bowie could make you go wild, or could it have been bag full of lingerie.

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