David Bowie for Louis Vuitton and Twitter come out rocking ! Is it accidental?

Arizona Muse Louis Vuitton

Twitter Inc. will begin life Thursday as a publicly traded company amidst a stock market buzz not seen since Facebook’s disastrous IPO.

Louis Vuitton’s worldwide short film world wide premier also has a buzz going for it, because it features David Bowie and supermodel Arizona Muse, on its Louis Vuitton App, followed by YouTube.

Bowie and Twitter, could this be accidental. Not for a minute. Bowie the man who has always been on the cutting edge of technology will serenade to Arizona Muse, while Twitter investors will be serenading as well as they make a few more millions.

Here is a behind the scene look at the Louis Vuitton short film that was filmed in Venice, Italy which along with Twitter has its worldwide premier today. Rock’n robin tweet, tweet.

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