Frieda Pinto turns it on in Bruno Mars’ next single Gorilla! What’s next rocking a guitar?

Frieda Pinto Frieda Pinto the girl that gave me that strong sensation of Déjà vu of a friends late mother Audrey Hepburn at Toronto International Film Festival Gala (TIFF 2013), ‘100 Years of Indian Cinema’, the grace and the glam and the utterly spellbinding personality. Frieda Pinto is giving everyone another sensation a far racier side as she writhes around a stripper pole in the provocative video released on the singer Bruno Mars Facebook page on Tuesday.
While some may be shocked by this, I am not the least bit surprised. Freida plays the sultry Isabella, a stripper in a seedy bar, her beauty the envy of the other women in the joint. Actor Luis Guzman makes a cameo as the stripclub owner, introducing Freida as the ‘new girl in town’. I knew there was a reason I like Frieda. I call it ‘changing it up’ and as I am currently directing a film documentary on David Bowie the man who throughout his life has always been changing up the game I would personally like to see a collaboration between Bowie and Pinto. Changing it up once again this time with some guitar work with Bowie? ( I seriously need to stop letting my imagination run -off). But hold on a second it not that wild an idea.

As Frieda Pinto was leaving the TIFF 2013 Gala I asked Shaun Marq who looks after some of the coolest luxury gifting lounge that he should invite Frieda to come see the goodies. Pinto was hesitant at first as her car was about to arrive but as it was on the way out, why not check it out, and that is exactly what she did. Being a guitar dude, I suggested to Frieda that she take a Jarrell Guitar, and if you don’t know how to play, not to worry. I had an ace up my sleeve. That ace was singer, songwriter, guitarist Monte Pittman. Not just any dude. This dude taught Madonna another lady who like Bowie keeps ‘changing up the game’. What happened next? These tweets say it all. You can check out Frieda Pinto’s cool Jarrell Monte Pittman guitar in this video – Check it out – Let’s all go on the wild side.



Timothy Khan - Frieda Pinto

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