TIFF 2013 – David Bowie Is – Melinda Michael – Actor

IMG_8366 David Bowie table at the Ritz Bar, during the Toronto International Film Festival played host to a number of talented people. Life is all about timing, being at the right spot at the right time. The Bowie table at Toronto’s Ritz Carlton was the place to be, it is where Melinda Michael showed up and what do you know, she ended up with the Bowie McLaren, photo-shoot, and the film I am making ‘David Bowie Is Around The World’.

Melinda has a passion, her first love, acting. Needless to say she already is miles ahead of most as 75% of the battle is does the camera love you? and it does, throw in the talent and you could be on your way. Grounded in her yoga, breathing and natural movement with the camera, and let me tell you this girl from Toronto is going places. This is a small glimpse of Melinda Michael more is coming.

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