Chef Oliver Glowig A Journey To Paradise – TOCA Restaurant Ritz Carlton Toronto

Oliver Glowig If you take communion, then when I bit into the thin wafer, shaped like a skateboard perfectly placed with the poached raw fruits, vegetables with braised tomatoes and black olives, my first thought was the Vatican should really have Oliver Glowig make the communion wafers, it will bring people flocking to the church. That is how good it was, freshly made in the kitchen of TOCA restaurant where I had been filming Oliver Glowig for a scene in my documentary film ‘David Bowie Is Around The World’.

The film I am producing and directing features interesting people from around the world who like David Bowie have no respect for the status quo.

Two Michelin star chef Oliver Glowig, while in the kitchen peeling an artichoke and then talking about how it was to be prepared and what was to go top during the filming had me worked up. When the lobster with artichoke heart and burrata arrived I just savored the moment.

As each course arrived a full explanation was given about what you were about to eat in detail a sign that you are in a five star luxury hotel where nothing is left to chance, ( and people wonder why I always suggest to the VIP’s soon to arrive from Hollywood, Ritz Carlton, Toronto).

Having traveled the world, accustomed to five star luxury hotels from the time of the Aga Khan’s own foray into luxury hotels in Italy, mood in a restaurant to accompany the food of a Michelin star chef Oliver Glowig is absolute essential and TOCA did not miss a beat.

It would have been utterly foolish of me not to go for the full tasting menu and in doing so I began a journey to paradise.

Rome is one of my favorite cities, where women with strollers walk in high heel, everyone takes there time enjoying life, anywhere you go food is good, and most importantly noting you can dream has not been done in Rome already. So if you are going to Rome, then it is a good idea and I certainly suggest that you go see a chef, my friend, one of the stars of my film Oliver Glowig.

Oliver Glowig – A Chef, A Model, A Kitchen – TOCA Resteraunt – Ritz Carlton Toronto from Timothy Hollywood Khan on Vimeo.

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