Bowie Film On Location With Oliver Glowig TOCA Restaurant

Oliver Glowig I wore all white, with the only colour being my red Puma Ferrari shoes as Ritz Carlton’s TOCA restaurant became the location for a scene in my‘David Bowie Is Around The World’ film with 2 Michelin Star chef Oliver Glowig. The white attire to bled into the kitchen, the Ferrari shoes, as the chef is German married to an Italian so it would be safe to guess he may love Ferrari and Formula One Racing. Toronto is about to gear up, as is the Ritz Carlton for The Toronto International Film Festival, where the film directed by Ron Howard, ‘Rush’ a story of the rivalry between a German Niki Lauda and James Hunt from United Kingdom will be shown.  As the chef got busy in the kitchen it was not long before he said to me,”I saw your picture with Niki Lauda”. The chef was referring to the photo below, with Toronto International Film Festival Gala Chair and board director Warren Spitz, Niki, and the CEO of TIFF Pierce Handling.  I asked the chef  if he liked Formula One, and he did not miss a beat in telling me that he loved it, “German’s are very strong in the sport”, we both smiled.

Warren Spitz, Niki Lauda, Pierce Handling
Warren Spitz, Niki Lauda, Pierce Handling

Chef Oliver Glowig performs in the kitchen with the calmness of a Michael Schumacher, easy going personality of Sebastian Vettel, and while appearing casual, is in total control such as Niki Lauda currently the CEO of Mercedes Benz Formula One ‘Silver Arrows Team’. What more could you ask for? in the case of chef Glowig the flare of the Italian and what you get is something very spectacular.

If you are not going to make it to Rome in the near future then why not try a bit of delicious Rome in Toronto, with chef Oliver Glowig who is getting dinner ready for you in the kitchen and will be serving it up from August 22 -25, TOCA restaurant, Ritz Carlton Toronto.  Here is a teaser to entice you.

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