Williams F1 Dom Pérignon and Damon Hill Glory Beer Days

Damon Hill World Champion Formula One Driver If you lived in Los Angels you become aware that at any given moment you could loose everything. It’s nature, earthquakes, mudslides, or fires and all is gone sometimes in a blink. What you can walk away with is memories of what great moments life has presented you woven full of colours like a rich tapestry.

The late CEO of a Canadian beer company Labatt’s had a passion for formula one racing and so we got along famously. The drivers we sponsored all became world champion formula one drivers in what I call the glory beer days of Williams F1 team. This is not to say we did not indulge in Dom Pérignon after all it’s formula one racing we are talking about.

At the British Grand Prix this weekend Williams F1 team marks it’s 600 Grand Prix race and that is one amazing accomplishment rich in history and they will be breaking open many bottles of Dom Pérignon.

Damon Hill will be present as well several drivers of the Williams F1 team at Silverstone.

Damon Hill is the son of the late Graham Hill, and is the only son of a world champion to win the title. His father died in an aeroplane crash when Hill was 15. He started racing on motorbikes in 1981 and after minor success, he moved on to single-seater racing cars and progressed steadily up the ranks to the International Formula 3000 championship by 1989, where, although often competitive, he never won a race.

Hill became a test driver for the Formula One title-winning Williams team in 1992. He was promoted to the Williams race team the following year after Riccardo Patrese’s departure and took the first of his 22 victories at the 1993 Hungarian Grand Prix. During the mid-1990s, Hill was Michael Schumacher’s main rival for the Formula One Drivers’ Championship. The two clashed on and off the track. Their collision at the 1994 Australian Grand Prix gaveDamon Hill Schumacher his first title by a single point. Hill became champion in 1996 but was dropped by Williams for the following season. He went on to drive for the less competitive Arrows and Jordan teams, and in 1998 gave Jordan its first win.

Damon Hill is one very talented person whom I have seen play guitar and rock on stage, race with Labatt beer logo all over him and the Williams team, as well has contributed in part to my sponsored polo team who won the Damon Hill Cup of which I am very proud.

I once flew with Damon Hill and his wife from London to Monaco for the Grand Prix and invited some of his friends who at the time worked with him for drinks. The drink was Dom Pérignon and the best spot to drink it in South of France which could be anywhere, but in this case at Chateau de la Chevre d’Or the best spot for a bottle or two of Dom Pérignon Rose.

At the Canadian Grand Prix I presented Damon Hill the former formula one World Champion and rock’n musician guitarist with a guitar pic from The Rolling Stones as they were also in town or as Mick Jagger said at the concert “The Grand Prix is a warm up”.


What did Damon Hill do with The Rolling Stones guitar pic.  He gave me one rock’n photograph.  A toast to Damon Hill and greatest of memories.

Damon Hill, The Rolling Stones guitar pic, photo by Timothy Khan

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