My Adventure With ‘The Great Gatsby’ To Cannes 2013

luhrmanncaprio_2563591bAustralians have always brought me good fortune. My adventure with The Great Gatsby began long ago in the 80’s when I began to put the written words of Scott Fitzgerald into practice. When I saw the first ‘Gatsby’ movie, my mind was made up. I was going to have a closet full of great shirts, ties, and suits. Style was everything. Champagne was going to be the drink in good times or bad. The word ‘impossible’ would be erased from my vocabulary. I also had to be in the movie business.

The scary part of this. It all came true. Looking back is not something I do,Gatsby TK PIC because for me life keeps moving forward meeting interesting people. Now with social media, trends change by the second and you are to live in the “NOW”.

Many of my friends were descending upon The Côte d’Azur, or in English known as the French Riviera. They would be preparing for the opening gala of the Cannes Film Festival 2013.


Messages had started to arrive why I was not there yet? both by email or by Twitter.

What many in the film business will understand when you are doing your own film as I am (currently my project on David Bowie movie), you just can’t be everywhere.

‘Hey man don’t worry about The Great Gatsby red carpet, few people you need to meet on the way.”always in this led to a magical discovery all because of The Great Gatsby. I was getting photos from my spy girl, who was following Leonardo DiCaprio down the red carpet in Cannes, as I walked out of my friends coffee RSquared on Toronto’s Queen Street West. I was checking my text messages and while deciding to go left or right began doubting myself why I was not at the opening of the festival in Cannes. “Screw it”, I thought, no one is going anywhere, they will still be in Cannes when I arrive. I turned right on Queen and started walking till a store window display brought me to a stop. Cabaret Vintage Cabaret is a store that provides high fashion vintage clothing it’s a couture dress boutique. While The Great Gatsby cast was walking down the red carpet as I was strolling into Cabaret. I was instantly hit by the vibrant energy of those inside. It was as if I had arrived at a sanctuary. I began talking to them about the film and how we are all connected, as if I had known them all my life. I never talk about the sinew that binds us. But to them I did. I got a big hug from the owner Tao Drayton who’s smile is infectious as is his energy (all good). Tao introduced me to Lyndal who was (wait a second), Australian, and worked at the store, and informed me that she had just made a short film, I simply could not believe where I had landed. The magic was spinning in true Gatsby style with Tao and Lyndal introducing me to Avery a twenty five year old blossoming talented costume buyer for the television-show Suits. What can I tell you I was blown-away. The universe had sent a message.

Lyndal set her camera on timer and we all started having fun at Cabaret. The next stop would be Cannes. Please follow this wonderful store

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