Inga Savits – Model, Designing Sexy Shoes For Sexy Ladies

Inga Savits One of my mentors was Gus Fischer at the time CEO of News Corporation. I went to meet with Gus at his home in London on Egerton Gardens Mews and walking into his home I mentioned to Gus that I have always liked the street. Gus, confessed to me he was somewhat worried as his wife had a new friend their new neighbour, Mr. Yves Saint Laurent. The genius of fashion. We both smiled. I have never met a women who could have resisted something YSL. It’s YSL and resistance is futile.

What would you do if you got scouted by an agent and he set up a meeting for you to work with Yves Saint Laurent? Most likely jump at the opportunity, which is exactly what happened one day to Inga Savits in a New York minute.

“My first modeling job was for Yves Saint Laurent in 1998, and I was fascinated watching him select his colors while he worked in his studio, I consider him one of my teachers.”

I showed Inga’s designs to a music and entertainment company and the e-mails started arriving from the excited girls that work there, and when it comes to shoes girls will be girls.  They loved them and each and everyone wanted to know where to get them and how much was it going to set them back.  That’s when I knew Inga’s shoes are a hit and this is only the beginning.  Anyone can wear Jimmy Choo, so if you want something really special look no further than the designs of Inga.

My interview with a dynamic lady living in the city of Milan, a mom, model and a shoe designer, and creative director of her fledgling shoe company Inga.

a) What is in your opinion a romantic restaurant in Milan? Where you like to go?

Milan…the thing about Milan, food is often amazing in places where there are very strong lights…so you see what you eat;
But there are still places like Le Bistro , or I love in the Summer to seat in the garden part of Bulgari Hotel where they have maybe only 5 tables and have cocktails and snacks., and a little place in via Montenapoleone – Bacaro del Sanbuco
I like it when it is small and has deemed lights…like Trattoria Arlati.

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Café,it is a little like being in NY (everybody takes café in its own block…and they have enough café places in one block!and in Italy any place can make you great café, my favorite is caffè shakerato during Summer. ( I made a list of all the kind of cafe they make and it came to 35 kinds)
and I love going sometimes to lake Como for lunch or dinner.

b) When you where modeling what made you say let’s starting designing shoes?

I started modeling very late compared to “normal” age of a beginner in this business …at 20, so I already finished Garment school in Tallinn,Estonia and wanted to become a designer ..was recruited on the street in Tallinn by an Estonian agent, who wanted to present me right away to an agency from Paris, so I went for double experience not just as a model and a student , my eyes and ears where open, I was working with Mr.Yves (Laurent), Donatella (Versace),Valentino, John Galliano. Amazing school, not every student in fashion school can have this experience!I was very lucky..And working some; years in this business and having possibility to be in some amazing atelier my interest switched to accessories.

I was just waiting for the right time to start new adventure.

c) Where do your creative ideas for colors heels come from ( in your dream etc?

I always somehow have something in mind (the mood and colors) as I wanted to be a shoes designer for 10 years, so I have so much research and drawings I just have to place them in the right groups and plus there are always new ideas..the more I draw the more new ideas come.., but I always wait for the fiera in Bologna, just to see what is new. And I love today all the fast info from internet-Pinterest and Instagram, love images …any kind books books books on art, photography, furniture, fashion…and great music of course.

Inga Shoes – Alexis Mabille Women Ready-to-Wear Spring-Summer

d) Many models who have children have to balance their lives, how would you say you balance your life, with good diet, yoga etc, what do you do.

I had a pretty Healthy education in my family, it was very Inga and her daughternormal to have a little piece of land outside of the city, where we would plant veggies and fruits and herbs.. we didn’t have MC Donald’s and fast food places at that time, everything home cooked, by the way the same way my daughter is educated and now at the age of 8 she knows what is good for her body and why, as I think it is important to explain from early age the understanding of the body needs(I even advised viola’s school to do couple of lessons and they took that advice with enthusiasm).. I started cross/skating ski school at 7 years old on advice of my mom’s friend, who was a trainer & told her how important sports is for greater health,as I was always sick..since then my health did change dramatically …the same thing for my daughter, sport, track and field two times a week outside, great way to spend one’s energy and learn to coordinate and know your body… I was big fan of cleanse once a year, I do eat pretty healthy but I’m excessive both ways , I do love chocolate and a great wine but I do lots of exercise, cardio, kick boxing…
To keep it up I’m a fan of to do lists.

Sometimes it seems I have to do one million things, but once they are on the paper, everything becomes much easier.

e) Your shoe line is snapped up by the likes of Anais Pouliot, Raquel Zimmermann, and Karmen Pedaru, and stocked in Alexis Mabille’s new Parisian flagship what would you like see happening with your collection such as future plans?

I’m still a beginner & and I work on my classics, in a way I take a classic as a spatial sandal, biker, ballerina, boots and I revisit them in my way..Next Summer I want to take another classic, moccasin  espadrille high heel and also present it with my twist. my new Winter Collection will be already easier to find, as it will be in big stores in Milan/ Excelsior, Dubai/ Level Shoes Cribe, Alexis Mabille Rue Grenelle store / Paris, Shoe Scribe /Belgium / Seven Rooms and M32 and in couple of stores in Japan.

Would love to find a great stores in America, specially NY, LA
and expand around the world.

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