David Bowie Film Leads To Accidental Discoveries

Andy Warhol

I run into people all over asking me the same thing when I go around filming my David Bowie film, they ask me if I am a fan of David Bowie? When Bowie asked me over dinner one night in Los Angles who my favorite band was I gave it to him straight up, like a clean martini, “Queen”, (pause), “I mean I like your music as well but Queen is my all time favorite band”.

David Bowie and I both share one common experience our time with Andy Warhol whom I met in New York while living there. As Bowie played Warhol in the film about the artist Basquiat, when I embarked on the David Bowie film project I decided I would do it in the fashion of Andy Warhol.

Warhol’s filmmaking was motivated in large part by his fascination with individuals, but he was also driven by his desire to capture the actual experience of living. As he wrote in his book, POPism: The Warhol ‘60s: “What I liked was chunks of time all together, every real moment…I only wanted to find great people and let them be themselves…and I’d film them for a certain length of time and that would be the movie.”

What impressed me about David Bowie he rarely has ever done anything for money. It is all about the process, of art, the discover and always moving forward in time.

My film is about capturing people who in someway have been impacted by the music, fashion, style, art of David Bowie, and capturing these moments in actual life. As one musician who is in the film said “you’re taking clips and putting them altogether, that is really cool”.

Imagine if you will traveling the world and the end result of the eminence pool of talent for you to discover in the film.

Walking into a gallery to listen to Andrew a musician from Vancouver, Canada who goes under the name In Media Res, and is on one of my friends record labels File Under Music,I was pleasantly surprised to discover an artist and a musician whom I would not have otherwise have met.

The artist Meghan McKnight and a musician Kat Burns. Both had something in common with Bowie. Artist McKnight has a friendship criteria; If you don’t like David Bowie you can’t be a friend of hers. The musician Kat Burns walked into the gallery with one long dangling earring, as Bowie used to do.

In this short clip you see Burns singing, as I change the filters to show you the art of McKnight on the wall in various transformations of light.

Warhol’s Screen Tests, which number approximately 500, are revealing portraits of hundreds of different individuals, shot between 1964 and 1966. The subjects are both regulars of the Factory scene and new visitors—both famous and anonymous.

In my Bowie film you will meet those who are famous and anonymous affected by Bowie living in the “Now”, from back alleys to the glitz of Cannes, Monaco and everything in between.

I have been moved by the love of the people who just want to add to the project and those who are helping me, using the latest in technology the ‘Smart Phone’.

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