Malala’s Song: A Voice That Inspired Another Oceans Apart

Mala A 12 year old girl by the name of SamanthaAnne Martin, loves music. She loves to tell stories through her music. Nothing to Samantha was more important than the story of Malala.

Samantha can’t imagine a world without music and education. Inspired by Malala she wrote this song Ricochet (Malala’s Song).

Malala’s father had this to say to Samantha and her father via an e-mail:

Dear Dan Martin and my cute little angel Samantha,
The world must change… There is 12 years old Samantha in the west, singing and crying for 14 years old Malala in the east…….Sure There is Zia ud Din and Malala but we have more amazing father and daughter; Martin and Samantha.! Because speaking for ones own suffering is good but feeling and fighting for the rights of others is great…The song, the pain, the love Samantha conveys, comes out from the core of heart… and touches hearts. I and Malala watched the song and I could not control my tears…It was raining in the video to hide the tears of Samantha but I could not hide mine…I dont have words to thank… simply saying… GOD BLESS U ALL….

Note: All proceeds from Ricochet on itunes will be donated to the Malala Fund. To donate and learn more about Malala’s vision, visit Malala Fund.

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