Emotions on Canvas – Artist Bridget Griggs

Artist Bridget Griggs and I are kindred spirits. We have both witnessed the expression of love.

I will never forget the day, I witnessed love and said to myself, that is what I want in life and I will not settle for anything else, such as the lyric’s of a Frank Sinatra song, “All or Nothing At All”.

I was sitting inside L’Avenue restaurant on avenue Montaigne in Paris having lunch with my girlfriend. Sitting by the window, elegantly dressed, was an old couple. They had just finished lunch. The lady dressed in Valentino, head to toe. She got up, put on her black sable fur coat, and then helped her husband who was much older then her, equally smartly dressed. She handed him his walking stick. He looked into her eyes the way a women might stare awhile at a too-expensive dress. Conveying thanks. She held his hand. Opened the door for him, and then arm and arm meandered down that magical street in Paris avenue Montaigne on which I once lived. They epitomized everything I had imagined love to be.

Bridget Griggs, the artist, actor, former model, and a single mother witnessed something similar, and with the music of The Beatles playing was inspired to create an emotional work of art on canvas. You can hear Bridget tell you this story in the video interview at her Toronto, studio (below).

The day I met Bridget was one of those days when I did something out of the ordinary. I stopped in a coffee shop I had never visited before. I ordered a hot chocolate, which I never do. The loft style building across the road caught my eye, and I wondered what discoveries could be made inside. Walking out of the coffee shop I noticed a sign, unaware naturally, that artist Bridget had put that out on the walkway. I followed the sign which led to the extraordinary discovery of a lovely person, an artist who like all true artists leaves it all on the canvas.

Bridget has been painting prolifically since 2010. Her paintings are playful, experimental, colorful and spontaneous. She has been influenced by The Expressionists movement and some of the most profound abstract painters. Yet mainly subliminally and through her own life experiences. Nature, being open to her surroundings with in it. Possibly her greatest influence comes from having two sons and being immersed in all that brings.

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