Elodia Agostini – Living life feeds her soul with music

Elodia Agostini Why do some people come into your life? Don’t think about this too much. It’s the universe making a move, placing someone in your path at the right time, just be awake to recognize and acknowledge the moment.

Elodia Agostini, come from the land where my soul comes from, Italy. She has been around me, like a soft cloud in the blue sky. Elodia and I have mutual friends also musicians whom we both love. Then one day, she posted a picture on Facebook of West Hollywood that caught my eye, as if that soft could had sprinkled rain on my head. I looked up, and there was the talent of Elodia surrounded by a sea of blue sky.

Elodia is a singer, songwriter, opera singer, and like Marco Polo she has traveled from Italy only to return with her experiences’s, replenish her soul and fill the world with the sound of her music.

The young talented Elodia lives in the city of angels, Los Angeles.

This is my first interview on the pages of My Name Is Khan of the New Year of 2013 and it’s about what is most important to me, music, an artist, and passion.

Here in her own words let me introduce you to Elodia Agostini.

Who inspired you to pursue being singer songwriter? ( artist family member)

There always been so many artists in my family,both sides:singers,opera singers,musicians…so I think that was a natural attitude for me.When I was about 7 years old,I remember my mom listening to me,singing the “Body Guard”soundtrack (Whitney Huston).She has been such a huge inspiration for me…I practically knew I could sing “because of her” So my parents started to question me about attending the music academy and,after 24 years,I’m still totally into it; I started to move the first step as a clarinet player.When I was about 12,my teachers started to understand,there was a voice behind the instrument,so I started attending opera singing classes and that was it:my first and only love!

What where some of your favourite things to do growing up in Italy?

I always loved the culture,the food and the whole Country!Italy is seriously beautiful so I wanted to go around,also ’cause of my early start in the music field,I went on tour at a very early age…so lucky!I’ve been always very different,always very busy with my music,so I’ve pretty much lost playing with other kids of my age,but I experienced so much,tasted the real roots of my own culture through the experience of music and I’m so really grateful to my parents and the Universe for being able to have all of this.I left my own house when I was around 14 y.o.,traveling and touring,or reaching other European countries to attend prestigious schools,but I always got back,’cause of the people,the atmosphere,the way of living life feeds in my soul and inspires me.

What brought you to Los Angeles?

I’ve always seen and felt Los Angeles as a target and we become what we think so…In 2008 I’ve got a call from a movie producer who wanted me to score a soundtrack for an upcoming independent movie…I moved from Italy in just 2 weeks.A real jump in the dark,alone,but well worth it!I feel LA as my home now.I’ll always bring Italy in my heart but LA gives me the motivation,the inspiration,the opportunities I feel right at this stage of my life.

As a songwriter where do you get your creative inspiration for lyrics etc/ ( dreams, life experience, emotions?)

I pretty much write about anything,getting inspiration from life experiences,emotions…I’m really visual so I start to see images in my head and they become emotions,thoughts,tears,laughs,words…I need to see things before I talk about ’em.The inspirational process is so magical:that’s one of the major thing that really got meElodia Agostini “trapped”into this kind of job.I made of meditation a daily practice since years,being a martial artist’ practitioner,and that helps to metabolize and translate thoughts,experiences,pain&happiness to the core.I don’t think,there would be a deeper way to catch a concept or an experience who lives within you as through the songwriting.

How do like livening in Los Angeles?

I totally LOVE living in Los Angeles!Such a complex,stimulating city where if you can think about something,you can surely find it or experience it!It’s full of artists as well and this is awesome!We find each other,we collaborate…Not to mention the rad weather all-year-long and the whole environment!Definitely,my ideal space of mind…

What are some of your favorite spots in LA? Can you give me 4 of the places you like!

I love nature in general,so I go often,almost daily to the beach,usually in Malibu;love the Griffith Park as well for hiking and meditating.Love to visit Santa Monica and its little shops or hot spots where to meet with friends.And of course,any spot with great shows and music is def on the list!

What are your current projects?

My current project sees the collaboration with another Italian,the super talented guitar player Dario Forzato,who’s one of the members of the LA’based band the Rapscallions, we’ve been working on a new album for about 9 months and we are actually tracking guitars & vocals.It’s gonna be done around February 2013,produced by a huge name of the discography,Mr.James Saez. I started as opera singer,but,btw the years,I’ve been experiencing any kind of music. 2002-2003 I’ve been working in NYC as back-vocal singer and I started to see myself capable to produce something new,different from anything else I ever done before.So this last work will see a fresh and fascinating mix of rock,electronic and ethnic sounds!I’m so excited to share it with all of you!When the work will be done,I’ll be performing around live,finally…I missed the stage!:)

What are some of your goals for the future!

Going live as much as I can,maybe open a tour for some big bands out there and sign a record deal are my goals for the very near future!I’m a workaholic and I’m so in love with my job,I’m always ready to go and committed 100%!

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