Czehoski, the Chef and Toronto are ready for the Rolling Stones after 12.12.12

Life was moving at it’s pace again, hectic. It was time to meet with a bestselling author with my friend Prooshah, talk about possibly making his book into a film.

It was also the week that would end with a Rolling Stones show in Brooklyn.

Highlighting the following week with a concert at Madison Square Gardens through television, live streams, the radio and theater simulcasts, an estimated 2 billion people around the world were given the chance to experience it live. Heavy on classic rock royalty, it also featured, the Who, Roger Waters and Eric Clapton.

Music and comedy royalty struck a defiant tone in a benefit concert for Superstorm Sandy that started Wednesday and stretched into Thursday morning, asking for help to rebuild a New York metropolitan area most of them know well.

Food being an essential of life where would one go in the midst of all this happening if you were in Toronto for dinner, the talk is all about creativity so Prooshah and I decided to eat with my friend chef Dylan James at Czehoski and singer, songwriter, musician, and chef who recently cooked for the one man music machine Justin Bieber .

The Rolling Stones started to celebrate their 50th anniversary in style — five concerts in London and the New York area shows, another hits compilation, titled “GRRR,” out earlier in the week with two new songs, and HBO is premiering a documentary on their formative years, “Crossfire Hurricane,”.

If you do the math, it makes their long, storied career seem that much more unbelievable: 29 studio albums, 17 live albums, three box sets, 30 compilations, and over 2,000 live shows.

The Rolling Stones also have big time history with Toronto.

The night I met the Rolling Stones for the first time was in Toronto, taking a break from the University of Toronto campus it was one crazy night much of it I can not tell but I did tell it to Ronnie Wood, who threw a spin on my story leaving me speechless, and stunned. Welcome to Rock’n Roll.

This was my most crazy moment, it was at El Mocambo, partying hard with Prime Minister Trudeau’s wife Margaret. No one knew the Stones where playing my cousin and I walking in drank beers and “WTF” who was at the bar, “The Cockroaches,” who we had come to check out, (“NOT”), it was the fuck’n Rolling Stones. Everything that happened afterwards, as they say in Vegas, (“Stay’s in Vegas”).

How can you do a 50th and not come to Toronto. Chef Dylan James is ready, so is the city, plenty of new luxury hotels, and great food.

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